8 Anderson Parks You Should Know About


How do you like to relax when you finally reach the end of your work week?  In Anderson SC, many locals enjoy a day in the park. And why wouldn’t they? Parks are plentiful in Anderson and they range from historical to modern, from wooded to waterfront, from busy and action-packed, to quiet and quaint.

Do you find yourself yearning for the days of yesteryear and simpler times? Try a picnic on the front lawn of Anderson University. You’ll find a shaded grassy area for a picnic or a quiet park bench. You can enjoy the serene campus, and you’re already in the heart of Anderson’s Boulevard Historic District, so take a walk up Boulevard and check out the beautiful historic homes.

Do you find yourself wanting to spend a lazy afternoon at the playground with your children? You’re in luck because small parks with playgrounds abound in Anderson.

  • Beatrice Thompson Park on West Market
  • Greeley Park on South Fant Street
  • Watson Park on Bellview road

And there are plenty more. Below is a list of larger playgrounds in the area (complete with ample relaxing spots for parents):

  • Kid Venture at the Civic Center
  • The Anderson Recreation Center (which offers membership for a nominal fee)
  • Linley Park

Maybe you’re in the mood for a relaxing day at the beach? While Anderson lacks the salty air, there is abundant sand and water. One place in particular you might enjoy is Darwin Wright Park – also known as Anderson Beach. As one of the most popular lakeside parks in Anderson, it’s got shelters, picnic tables, plenty of sand, and a fishing pier. Darwin Wright Park is also the home of  Anderson’s annual Christmas light show Lights of Hope. This light display has been going on since 1995 and is one of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a park, Anderson has you covered. I suggest visiting one you’ve never been to before, and if you’ve never been to any of them, pick the next sunny day to start visiting. Start with the parks and walking trails at the Civic Center- this is a great starting point for kids and parents looking for a family-friendly day out. 

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