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What is there to do in Anderson?

What is there to do in Anderson?

“So, what is there to do in Anderson?” I get this question a lot from my non-local friends, and it’s a fair question. I think many smaller towns may get the reputation of being boring. There’s no major landmarks, no impressive monuments. You will never see “The Real World” scouting Anderson for it’s next filming…Continue Reading

The Jockey Lot: Anderson’s Unique Shopping Spot

When it comes to shopping, Anderson SC is a great place to be. We’ve got antique shops, clothing stores of all kinds, plentiful produce stands, furniture stores, pawn shops, pet shops, appliance/electronic shops, local art galleries, and everything in between. But, there’s one place in Anderson that is all of these places combined… and more.…Continue Reading

Spotlight on Anderson SC Theater

Spotlight on Anderson SC Theater

If there’s one common theme throughout, it would seem to be community. There was no round-table discussion wherein we all decided to emphasize one charming characteristic in every article; the community theme has surfaced quite naturally just through the honest writings of us native Andersonians. The word community is an apt description of the…Continue Reading

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