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With all of the award winning restaurants and other fun activities we have in Anderson, it might be easy to get in a routine of your regular date night, or girls night out.  Which is why I feel compelled to tell you about one of my favorite destinations for a night out.

Cabernet Canvas is a quaint little art studio in the heart of downtown Anderson, SC. Cabernet has a unique business model built around painting, laughter, and fun. In order to participate in a painting experience you need to make reservations online. Start by visiting the Calendar Page on the website. Select the painting you would like hanging in your home, and reserve your space. I particularly like this process because unlike some other activities, it’s already paid for when you arrive.

When you arrive, you check in and get comfortable at your own space. They provide the paint, canvas, brushes, aprons, etc… So all you have to bring is some humor, creativity, and your favorite drink.

The artists that lead the painting process are locals who have many years of experience in painting. Many of them have taught art classes. Once you enter in the paint studio you are inspired to awaken your inner artist. Through step by step instructions these artists help you transform your blank canvas into your own unique masterpiece.

I need to clarify: I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I can vividly remember the day I learned how to draw an arrow →. Why can I remember this? Because my 5 year old just taught me. Before he sat down and walked me through the steps I would always draw one of the angles way too long, and it never touched the line. However, even before I mastered the arrow, I painted and hung two of my own personal Cabernet Canvas masterpieces in my home.

So, in a nutshell, Cabernet Canvas is one of Anderson’s best activities for a date night, girls night out, or birthday party. It awakens our inner artist. It’s fun. It’s relatively inexpensive (especially with Groupon specials that appear quite regularly), and when it’s all over you leave with a beautiful piece of art to remember the evening.

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