What is there to do in Anderson?

“So, what is there to do in Anderson?”

I get this question a lot from my non-local friends, and it’s a fair question. I think many smaller towns may get the reputation of being boring. There’s no major landmarks, no impressive monuments. You will never see “The Real World” scouting Anderson for it’s next filming location. So, if you crave the razzle dazzle of Las Vegas, or the national significance of DC, you won’t find it in Anderson. However, you will find a friendly community with plenty to do in your free time. Though I can only speak from the perspective of a 30-something with no kids, I run in lots of Andersonian Circles.

Chilluns (Children)

Anderson is a great place to be a kid. There’s parks and playgrounds galore, dance studios, pet stores, and sports fields. The YMCA offers team sports, and our public schools are all great outlets for kids who want to flex their athletic muscles. Anderson’s climate is extremely mild, so there’s plenty of time throughout the year for outdoor activities. If you’re considering a move, Anderson is a great choice for a growing family.

Tweens and Teens

Anderson is full of wholesome activities for teens to get into. We’ve got bowling alleys and rollers rinks, movie theaters and a shopping mall. Although Anderson’s a pretty quiet place to be a teenager, Greenville is less than an hour up the road – so there’s never any loss for things to do. Frankie’s Fun Park is a particularly fun hub with a full arcade, mini-golf courses, and go-carts. We’re also just a two hour drive from 2 major amusements parks. Six Flags is in Atlanta Georgia, and Carowinds is in Charlotte, NC. Each of these places offers tons of thrill rides and carnival games.


After College, an Andersonian may consider spreading his or her wings and trying a new locale. It happens, but I’ve found throughout the years that lots of these nest-leavers frequently return to start nests of their own. Anderson is home to several major corporate headquarters, including Michelin, Bosch, and Ryobi (TTi) – each offering promising careers in just about every field in the book. Additionally, these young adults will find Anderson has a vibrant social scene with gourmet restaurants, authentic European taverns, and even a couple of dance destinations. Of course, Greenville is a popular weekend destination for young locals who want to maintain an extensive social life.


While a lot of the interests of Anderson’s 30-somethings are interlocked tightly with their children’s, the same fun excursions that draw the 20’s crowds often appeal to this adult group. What is the phrase? “30 is the new 20”? I’m not sure I buy that, but I do enjoy a good date night at one of our fine restaurants or pubs. Though this puts me in the company of the “older” bracket of society, I get plenty of enjoyment out of a quiet walk in the park, or a stroll through downtown Anderson.

If I feel the need to cut a rug, however, I’ll pop up to Greenville for Swing Dancing at the Handlebar. This is a particularly popular spot on Tuesdays since the $5 cover gets you an hour-long group lesson with a professional swing team. Paul and Ansley Hoke are responsible for the dance sequences in The Notebook.

Adults of All Ages

Anderson’s overall adult population is a diverse mix of locals and non-locals, entrepreneurs and local government official, teachers and doctors. For the most part, this group has selected Anderson for good – and they each have their own reasons. Perhaps it’s because they were born here, or started their businesses here. Whatever their backgrounds, Anderson is their town of choice; and it’s a great place.

The foodies among this group will never want for an excellent meal. From downtown to the outskirts of Due West (a small college town nearby) Anderson restaurants boast world-class cuisine of any genre imaginable. Sullivans is one of Anderson’s oldest and most popular gourmet restaurants. The ambiance does justice to the food served, and an experience in this place is truly a treat for the senses.

Exercise lovers will also find plenty to do in Anderson. The Cardio Dojo, the YMCA, Coops, and Gold’s Gym are just a few of the many options available to those who seek physical betterment. There are bikers, hikers, swimmers, and runners by the truckload – all people who call Anderson home.

So to answer the question of “what is there to do”, I’d say “What do you like to do?” cause Anderson’s most likely got it.

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